Wildlife Control, Removal & Exclusion in Utah

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Are wild animals invading your Utah home or business? The experts at Pest Team Six are here to help. Our technicians are state licensed and certified to remove animals from your property humanely and without damaging the environment with harsh chemicals or pesticides. We are one of the only wildlife control companies in the state to staff animal biologists on our team. By thoroughly understanding animal habitats and activity patterns, we are able to remove them from your property without damaging the animals themselves. We also offer exclusion services to keep wildlife off your property and in the wild where they belong. If the wildlife infestation damaged your home or business, we also offer cleanup and damage repair services.

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wildlife control Utah

Wildlife Removal

Utah is home to many different species of wildlife. Problems arise though, when those creatures try to make your home their own. Some of the local wildlife, like snakes and coyotes, are dangerous if they over take your property. Whether or not the invading wildlife is dangerous, Pest Team Six can help. We humanely remove all invading animal species from homes and businesses around the Utah area. Don't let the local wildlife overtake your home or property.

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Bird Abatement

Birds are beautiful animals to spot in the wild, but they can leave behind an absolute mess and even damage your property. Bird droppings can stain walls, roof tiles, attics and eaves. Their nests are often messy too and they can harbor other pests like mites, fleas, and bed bugs. Keep your home or office building pristine by calling the experts at Pest Team Six. We offer humane bird abatement options for your Utah property.

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Rodent Removal & Exclusion

Rats and mice are common household pests in Utah. They often invade homes during extreme shifts in the weather in search of food or shelter and a safe place to breed. Their infestations are often to tough to control because both species are prolific breeders. Both rats and mice can have several large litters per year, which means unless you have continued treatment and a way to keep them out, the problem may return immediately. Pest Team Six offers rodent control and exclusion services to get rid of the rodents you have and keep future populations out.

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Why Choose Us?

We're wildlife removal and exclusion specialists. We are constantly training to keep up with the latest technology and techniques. We're a completely bonded and insured wildlife control company, offering the most gentle, humane and complete wildlife service, or it’s FREE! Our organic pest control services are 100% green without any harmful pesticides. You'll always speak with qualified personnel when you call us with any questions.

All of our technicians are wildlife biologists or certified in nuisance wildlife control. Our prompt, well groomed, professional technicians arrive on time. Should you need to contact your technician, simply leave them a message anytime, day or night as your schedule allows. We'll perform a 67 point inspection of your property and photograph wildlife damaged areas for you. After removing the animals from your property, we'll repair the opening they've used to enter. We offer lifetime guarantees on all our repair work! If an animal gets back in through our repairs, we will come back out and trap the animals that breached our repairs at no cost to you.

NWCOA Certified Pros

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We're certified wildlife professionals by the National Wildlife Control Operators Association. Our technicians are up to date with the latest training and certifications to provide you with the best and safest wildlife management service possible.

Bat Conservationists

bat conservation utah

Bat Conservation International is an international non-governmental organization working to conserve the world’s bats and their habitats through conservation, education and research efforts.

Satisfaction Guarantee

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Rest assured that Pest Team Six can eradicate any wildlife problem you may have in your residence or commercial property. Our family-owned business offers the best wildlife, pest preventative and removal solutions. We pride ourselves on being a results oriented business offering 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Animal Exclusion & Cleanup

Waste Removal & Cleanup

Animal contaminants are vectors for disease. We'll remove the damaged insulation, feces and urine from the affected area.

Wildlife Exclusion

Pest Team Six will remove the invading animals or pests from your structure and once removed seal off any entry points the pests were using to ensure future infestations do not occur.

Wildlife Damage Restoration

We offer lifetime guarantees on all our repair work! Damaged exclusion work will be repaired at no cost to you.

armadillo control removal exclusion


Armadillos can tear up your yard in their search for grubs, worms, beetles and other pests.

bat control removal exclusion


Bats infestations are messy and spread other unwanted pests like fleas, mites and bed bugs.

bird abatement control removal exclusion


Birds are vectors for disease, can destroy attics, eaves and roof tiles with their droppings.

coyote control removal exclusion


Coyotes have started migrating towards human occupied areas in search of food and water.

gopher control


Gophers destructive burrowing and feeding ruins lawns, gardens and will even kill trees.

rabbit control removal exclusion


Rabbits feed on plants, ruin gardens and attract predators like snakes and coyotes.

raccoon control removal exclusion


Raccoons rumage through trash, wood piles, and vegetation in search of food and water.

rat mice control removal exclusion


Rats and mice contaminate food and pantry areas with their urine and feces.

skunk control removal exclusion


Skunks dig up gardens and spray humans and pets with a foul odor to defend themselves.

snake control removal exclusion


Rattlesnake bites can be fatal to humans and pets. We'll eliminate rattlesnakes from your property.

squirrel control removal exclusion


Squirrels chew through wires, insulation and other household items.

vole control removal


Voles feed on plants, bulbs and other vegetation commonly found in a yard.

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Pest Team Six

Pest Team Six has been the trusted choice for thousands of homes and businesses since 1994. Offering one of the most humane, certified, professional and quality assured Animal & Pest Control Services. Pest Team Six technicians are all certified, licensed and trained along with wildlife biologists on staff. Pest Team Six’s removal and mitigation services are also some of the most cost effective in the industry backed by the one the best warranties available.